Client Comments

"The accommodation was great but the real bonus was our trips with Andrew, he was very knowledgeable in so many areas, making all very interesting, I shall never look at rock art in the same way!!"  Susan. UK


"We particularly appreciated our time spent with Andrew Rae. A good guide is invaluable and in our eyes, he is much better than just good!  Bangor UK

Birding was my main aim and Andrew certainly delivered. 114 was my final count and I am not an experienced birder but Andrew made up for this with great advice and information."  Elaine. Australia


"Andrew is extremely passionate about the history and culture and his enthusiasm draws you in."  Val. UK


"Andrew and his team are wonderful - the knowledge he and his guides share is amazing."  Litsa. SA


"Andy's knowledge was a pleasure to share in & his passion for wildlife unparalleled. We did the Rock Art tour with Andy (which turned into an impromptu birding bonanza at the end), which was one of the most fascinating tours I've been on - I'd highly recommend this if you stay there, as Andy really brought it to life for us."  Emma. UK


"Very impressive tour with Andrew to the San Rock paintings."  Emil. Switzerland


"I spent two night at the lodge with a visit to Mapungubwe Hill, where the first kingdom was discovered, enjoyed a game and scenic drive in the park with Andrew, who has excellent knowledge about the trees, plants, birds and animals of this area." SA


"…run by Andrew Rae, who was very happy to share his amazing knowledge on any subject of our surroundings. Andrew couldn't do enough to make our stay memorable, he took us to view the San rock art and with his up to date knowledge, made the experience fascinating."  UK

"The host, Andrew, is full of stories about life in the bush, and knows practically everything there is to know about wildlife. If there was a "Trivial Pursuit" for rangers and wildlife managers, he'd probably win hands down."  A.J. SA


"He knows the region like his pocket & can tell you everything on Rock San Art, Mapungubwe, birds, game. I recommend his Rock San Art tour which was for us the topknot."  Vuestra. SA

"Andrew Rae is one of the most knowledgeable people we have met know, and waxes lyrical about the bushveld that he loves."  SA


"Andrew knows a lot about wildlife and loves to talk about it with passion. We went to a water hole with him early in the morning and watched the animals come and go. Wonderful, peaceful experience."  Maya. Germany


"Andrew (our guide) has extensive knowledge of the area and we could have listened to him for hours." SA

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